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Tribute: Legacy Within Steps

January 16, 2023 12:00pm

Each new year doesn’t really kick off until after MLK, Jr. Day for me. That day is all about vision and impact. I spend the first two weeks of every year chasing down and organizing my thoughts while balancing them with understanding and grace.

2023 will be the year of Affirmation, Intentionality, and Manifestation. (This blog being the first of what I hope will be many.) As I finalize the plan for the work yet to be accomplished, I find myself anchored in the memories, voices, and visions of those who started the year in the form of angels rather than in the form of mankind…

On this day, I’d like to share with the world words dedicated to my late Baba inspired by the last precious memories that I have of him. May it inspire and may it equally challenge.




Not the kind which you climb to get to the next floor of a building. I call those stairs.


I’ll clarify again, not the kind you make with your physical feet.

I mean...the steps which all of us are destined to make.

The healthy; the handicapped; the strong; the weak. The old and the young.

We all make these steps.

We make them in different sizes, shapes, and forms.

Some are big. Some small. Some symmetric. Some obscure.

No matter the matter the matter the form. They all have things in common.

Today we will focus on 2 commonalities.

The first: they all leave impressions.

For many of us the impression is the sole priority. Evidenced by the endless efforts to mimic the form, the shape, and even the size of steps which can only belong to another.

We literally will attempt to alter the makeup of our steps to be identical to that of another, almost to the point of addiction.

Refusing to accept the impossibility of such a task we journey down a circular road which only leads to torment, failure, and defeat. A trap we set for ourselves because we refuse to admire the value and power of our own unique impressions…

Baba, warned me early in life not to fall victim to the allure of this focus. He advised, no. no... He challenged me to consider another view.

A view which reveals that the true beauty of my impressions may only be recognized when maintaining a balanced focus on the second commonality: the path.

Each of our steps, our impressions, when grouped form a path.

To Baba, this path meant everything. For this path is the evidence of one’s legacy.

Though I’d never spoken to him, I’d like to think that Martin Luther King Jr. would offer up a similar philosophy as he alluded to the having seen the promise land from the mountain top. In that address, Dr. King declares that although he may not be present for that promise land, we as a people must continue the course, or the path, to get there.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s steps forged a path for generations beyond him to follow. It was his legacy. A gift to the world.

There’s an old Church song that says, “Order my steps in your Word, dear Lord.” A prayer that the steps of believers form a path of righteousness...

The steps...the impressions...the order...the building blocks to legacy...the ultimate path.

When grouped...when ordered...when followed...where do your steps lead?

-Ms. C. Suite

“Not to embody what others inspire to be...but to embody what I inspire to be.”

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