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About Us

-Our Identity-

A black-owned, independent publishing company rooted in the power of Black Girl Magic. Our content creators are driven by the pursuit of offering diverse and authentic creative expressions.

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- Our History -

Founded in 2016, AMP is the result of inspiration through envisioning. Our catalog features a variety of different genres and forms of media including literature, music, podcasts, and poetry.

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- Our Impact -

Angela Marie Publishing is community-driven and family-oriented. We believe in a culture that promotes good mental health, unity, love, and Black excellence. We aim to help our community grow through providing opportunities to have our voices heard by those who need it the most. 

- Our Reach -

Through an expanded entrepreneurial network that includes writers, graphic designers, podcasters, music artists, producers, engineers, and voice actors - our formula for industry-standard content that reaches the masses is top-tier. Angela Marie Publishing is currently home to creators in both the Kansas City and Saint Louis, Missouri areas, with partner relationships with professionals in California, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida

- Our Purpose and Our Commitment -

Angela Marie Publishing seeks to empower the voices of the unheard by elevating and inspiring creatives to put their best work forward.

We are committed to developing professional, working relationships with our artists to produce content designed to go beyond the surface. 


We offer consulting services ranging from editing and proofreading to publishing and marketing with retail vendors.

4220 Duncan Ave

Suite 201-AMP

St. Louis, MO 63110

© 2024 by Angela Marie Publishing, LLC

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