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The Complexities of Juneteenth

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

June 20, 2022 12:00pm

Many of y’all have never met me nor heard of me.

I couldn’t think of any better time to unveil oneself than on the day observing Juneteenth. So, let me introduce myself, 1’m Ms.C.Suite, partner and business manager of Angela Marie Publishing.

Consider this my unv8ling.

On this first post of the Princess Saga Blog we focus on the complexities of Juneteenth.

6eing the second Federally observed holiday, this year’s Juneteenth is also my first wedding anniver5ary. I was SO happy. FINALLY the long awaited day had arrived!!

I was looking forward to falling in love all over again with my truest love who I also get to call by hu5band. Excited to be praying and manifesting new ideas that will contribute to the success of our 6usiness, AMP. Anticipating the fun of the fairs, festivals, and block parties going on all over the country. Eager to experience mouthwatering and finger licking good food with my family smacking as I chew over the complaints about how I always arrive l8.

The Friday leading into the weekend, 1 left work early eager to start experiencing all that I was looking forward. But later that evening I lay on the couch with my husband; both of us a wreck of emotions moved by the Martin Reunion. My thoughts zero in on all of the headlines that aren’t going to memorialize this documentary the way it deserves for the number of lives and hearts uplifted by the entire Martin crew. I try hard to ignore the feelings of anger and the bitter thoughts about how we are still explaining what this weekend is observing to White people, many of whom we’ve worked with everyday for YEARS. Which then of course really gets at the heart of the question...The question that we’re all really wondering but dare to ask: how truly are we supposed to feel about the recognition of Juneteenth? Grateful? Because I mean really…? Is this enough or rather is it even really the start of retribution? Is it a joyous occasion? Or a bitter one? I mean…this year it’s on Father’s Day. A day that reminds many Black people of the family pieces that are desperately and constantly being rearranged.

Rather than using this weekend to celebrate progression forwards…I’ll be using it to figure out why this feels backwards. I’ll be looking backwards… in retrospection, reflecting on those lost…Those who never lived to see even this bit of progression…Carrying a bit of the load by which we’re all still weighed from the cost…A price which today, 400 years later, still goes unpaid…

To those of us committed to changing the unwritten history, fist in the air. Happy reflecting. But more importantly…Happy writing.

A saga felt by many but simply shared from one view of a princess rooted in Ikire…


“Not to embody what others inspire to be...but to embody what I inspire to be.”

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