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The HooKup: Extended Author's Cut Edition

The HooKup: Extended Author's Cut Edition

SKU: 0005
  • The Art of Cheating Episodes: S1E5 Summary

    HoLLyRod has decided to take a break from KeLLy following her revenge episode. Determined to sort things out on his own, he’s also cut off contact with his main side chick, Cookie. After moving back home to start over from scratch, HoLLy quickly realizes that getting hooKed up on blind dates rarely ever goes smoothly. This new girl, Tianna, is supposed to be the perfect type of f*ck buddy to help take HoLLy’s mind off things for a while. Yet, in this new era of internet pages & profile pics, HoLLyRod knows he’s taking a big shot in the dark at meeting up with this freak.

    But this is The Art of Cheating, so then again - so is she…


    E-book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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