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Sassy: Extended Author's Cut Edition - Audiobook

Sassy: Extended Author's Cut Edition - Audiobook

SKU: 1001

Featuring Jasmine Johnson as the voice of Sassy, this new standard on audio narration also includes voiceover work from Renauld Shelton II, @derek kjenstad, @franchesca R Davis, Model_PrettyYouniq, and Christian Star

  • Episode Summary

    Have you ever had a co-worker crush? Sassy is the new hire on the call center floor. A sexy young tender with a curvy shape to match her style, Sassy quickly becomes a mouth-watering temptation for all who look her way. She seemingly has the perfect distraction with her boyfriend John working on the same floor. But as John tries to fan off anyone who dares stare too long, Sassy appears to have different motives in mind with the mysteriously intriguing HoLLyRod...who just so happens to be a master in The Art of Cheating

  • Purchase Options

    The book can is available for purchase on Audible.

    COMING SOON: Subscribtion packages! Premium access to our audiobooks for one flat fee.

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