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KeLLy's Revenge: Extended Author's Cut Edition

KeLLy's Revenge: Extended Author's Cut Edition

SKU: 0004

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  • The Art of Cheating Episodes: S1E4 Summary

    You never think it could happen to you. When it comes to The Art of Cheating, if you’re gonna do ya dirt, the least you can do is everything in your power to cover it up. HoLLy has always known the rules, but this fourth flashback revisits the night he was served up some of his own shit. After receiving a tip call about KeLLy possibly creeping around, HoLLyRod hits the highway, speeding home in a drunken attempt to catch her in the act. With all the times he's been unfaithful, he knows deep down that he probably deserves it. But a broken heart is still a broken heart, even the heart of a cheater…


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