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HoLLy BeLLigerence: Extended Author's Cut Edition

HoLLy BeLLigerence: Extended Author's Cut Edition

SKU: 0003

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  • The Art of Cheating Episodes: S1E3 Summary

    This third flashback in The Art of Cheating Episodes is a tale about the boldness of the beast within. Following his father's and grandfather’s legacies, the young playboy HoLLyRod is now fully immersed in the music entertainer lifestyle – and all of the belligerence that comes along with it. Technically in between relationships and out for blood, he meets the local model Luscious Lisa – who has one of the fattest asses he’s ever laid eyes on through his HoLLyShades. After he discovers Lisa is more of a challenge than he signed up for, the career cheater has to quickly decide if older sibling temptations are worth the risks of being HoLLyBeLLigerent.


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