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Hangover: Extended Author's Cut Edition

Hangover: Extended Author's Cut Edition

SKU: 0002

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  • The Art of Cheating Episodes: S1E2 Summary

    Last night seems to be a blur of intoxicated memories for young HoLLyRod as he finds himself laid out in the middle of the living room floor after partying ‘til early morning with his frat brothers. KeLLy furiously demands answers & details about the night before, details only her beloved, but incoherent HoLLyRod knows the truth about – unless she can somehow find out another way. Something just doesn’t add up, and she can almost smell it through the vomit. This second flashback in The Art of Cheating Episodes series indulges deeper into the memory of a cheater, leaving readers with all of the anxiousness and thirst of a hangover for the ages!


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