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Ménages: Extended Author's Cut Edition

Ménages: Extended Author's Cut Edition

SKU: 0006
  • The Art of Cheating Episodes: S1E6 Summary

    Things with Sashé are just…different. She’s nothing like KeLLy…or even Cookie, the best mistress-to-date in HoLLyWorld. Sashé may be younger than his tenured flames, but she’s got the same type of sexual appetite that speaks to the beast HoLLyRod has had brewing inside for years. Not only does Shay like girls…she’s also down for ménages – a world that’s only existed in HoLLy’s mind for as long as he can think back. In this Season 1 Finale, HoLLyRod is faced with the task of finally getting over this lifelong wet dream…and turning this fantasy into a live, in-the-flesh reality for the ages. The closer he gets, the more he’s reminded that everything comes with a cost. And nothing ever goes exactly as planned…especially when it comes to The Art of Cheating.


    E-book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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